Getting Ready for an Indoor Triathlon + My Goals

I have been training all winter, but on Sunday I will be able to compete again. Kind of. As I explained in a past post, an Indoor Tri is a great way to train and get a little taste of competition in the middle of winter. I’ve been working toward it for the last few weeks and I wanted to share my ideas and experience training.

The Swim was not too different to my normal training. I did more endurance and timed myself in the ten minutes that were a part of my race. I also did some sprinting and picked up pace near the end, realistic to the end of the leg when you want to get those valuable last few laps in. I also kept up my typical equipment drills as I find they really do help me improve my strength in the pool.

The main thing that I focused on was connecting events. I had been practicing all three disciplines separately, but to do one right after the other helps me prepare for the fast pace between events. Going from a swim to a bike doesn’t work easily, but a bike to a run is definitely possible. I would do a thirty-minute long bike to correspond to the time frame of my particular race (These times vary from race to race) and a twenty-minute run right after. I give myself about five minutes in between to change my shoes and catch my breath, which is realistic to a normal indoor triathlon. The bike was pretty typical of my normal training, but I focused on my watts more than usual. They play a big role in your final score and are more accurate on a stationary bike. My mindset for my running training was simply, don’t stop. It is so easy to take quick breaks on a treadmill and let it keep running, but that’s obviously not allowed in a race so I made sure to avoid doing so at all costs. I Ran at a slower pace of about 9.5 at the beginning, to a 10, and finally a 10.5 with an all-out sprint of about 13 at the very end.

Lastly, another thing to think about is setting goals. If you’ve done the race before, you can look at your past distances and improve them to an extent. That’s what I did this year, and my goal is as follows:

Swim: 600m   Bike: 9 Miles  Run: 2.2 Miles

If you haven’t done that race yet, base your goal off of your training distances. Make sure it is attainable and makes sense for you. Having a goal is important, especially for indoor triathlons as you have full access to your stats on two of the events so it will make you push much harder at the end! Thank you for reading, and I will post an update on Sunday or Monday after the race. Be sure to like this post and follow me to be notified of new posts!




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