How I Plan To Improve My Running

Running can be a struggle in the winter and it can be hard to see results. Treadmills are my least favorite thing, and being stuck inside to train can be rather irritating at times. In order to end my mid-winter slump, I’ve come up with plenty of ideas to make training more enjoyable and more beneficial.

1. Intervals

This is likely the most notable thing to improve your training but is definitely worth mentioning. Doing a sprint every five or so minutes in between a normal endurance pace is a nice change of pace (literally) while running your typical distance. It will test your speed and help you become more resilient when running harder and longer. I typically do 5-minute endurance, then 30-second sprints over and over until I’ve either reached my target distance or time.

2. Incline

An often overlooked benefit to running on a treadmill is the incline feature. It’s an advantage to be able to basically control your terrain simply by clicking a button. I love to do some shorter distances at a slower pace with very high incline to strengthen the legs. It is a nice change from a long run, and you’ll thank me when you do a race and encounter a steep hill to run up!

3. Stairs

Along with upping your incline, stairs are another good way to work on your uphill running, and it definitely gets your heart pumping! I like to set a timer and see how many sets I can do within the time limit. Once again, hills will soon become less of a nuisance.


4. Speed or Distance

If your goal is to be a faster, better runner before you begin your running training you need to make a decision. In order to improve you need to decide whether you want to go a typical distance of your’s faster, or your typical pace for a longer distance. Doing the same distance and pace every time will not benefit your times in the long run.

Bonus: How to improve your running without running

  • Leg workouts, eg. squats, lunges etc. will strengthen the legs and allow you to improve your stride and reduce cramping.
  • Cardio of any kind will help you run faster, longer without running out of breath and tiring out too quickly. I enjoy jump roping and HIIT workouts.

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