Here is where I’ll be documenting my results from my triathlons, and I will be sure to type down all the races I’m signed up for already. This page is made to keep me accountable, and I’ll be looking back on this Page!

Lifetime indoor Tri

Vernon Hills 2017 –  550-meter Swim, 8.9-mile Bike, 1.77-mile Run

Algonquin 2017 – 575-meter Swim, 8.9-mile Bike, 2.17-mile Run

Vernon Hills 2018 – 550-meter Swim, 8.8-mile Bike, 2.15-mile Run

Lifetime Tri Chicago

2016 – 34.18 minutes

2017 – 33.04 minutes

Caledon Kinetico Kids of Steel

2015 – 22.06 minutes (10-11yrs)

2016 – 41.50 minutes (12-13yrs)

2017 – 39.12 minutes (12-13yrs)